Development and production of customized components made of fiber-reinforced plastics

From prototypes to small-series manufacture, we can support you with complete development, calculation, and production.

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CFRP – Light, but at the same time strong as aluminum

The use in the most demanding sectors of the lightweight industries requires the strongest material and drives the research and development of the CFRP industry forward. With fiber-reinforced plastics, mechanical properties can be achieved, which are comparable to aluminum.

For an optimal print result, the selection of the right materials according to the requirements is decisive. In addition to many other special materials, we also print carbon fiber, glass fiber, and aramid fiber reinforced plastics, all at the state of the art in research and technology.

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High-end 3D printer for a wide range of applications  

From a large variety of printers and materials, we select the best combination for the best possible result based on your requirements. We manufacture with professional printers, which are also optimized for the use of short and long fiber reinforced plastics.

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Post processing

Precise fine-tuning

What comes out of the 3D printer is usually not 100% ready for use. Through our local network and our suppliers, we have many post-processing methods, such as CNC milling, intelligent adhesive and bonding technologies and coating processes. In doing so, we then perform a geometrical measurement check and can guarantee the highest quality to our customers.

  • Intelligent bonding
  • Coatings 
  • CNC Milling
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100% digital – security for your data

Industry 4.0: All processes are digitally recorded and analyzed by our sensory monitoring system. In this way, deviations in the production can be detected early on and the required process parameters reliably reproduced. All processes are based on ISO 9001:2105.

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